Previous subscription plans

Information about our current billing plan is available here. To convert to the new billing plan please write to support.

Previous subscription types

These plans are active for customers who purchased a subscription before August 1st, 2018. If you aren't sure which plan you are on please contact support and we'll be happy to assist you.

Team subscription: A team subscription activates Hello Epics for every member of your Trello team. Your cost is for each team member. Hello Epics may be active on an unlimited number of boards owned by that Trello team. Team size is recalculated and updated when visiting a board with Hello Epics installed.

Personal subscription: A personal subscription allows you to use Hello Epics on an unlimited number of non-team owned boards.


There are two pricing plans for Hello Epics.
Annual plan: $4.25/team member per month, billed annually (a 15% savings)
Monthly plan: $5/team member per month, billed monthly
All prices are in US dollars (USD).

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