How we bill


At Hello Epics, we believe you should only pay for members on the boards you're using. Pay for a member once, no matter how many boards they’re on. If a board becomes inactive, we’ll credit your account for any unused time. Using Trello Business Class? Add a board member as an Observer and we won’t charge you for them either.


Hello Epics costs $5.99 for each unique member per month. Annual subscriptions are discounted to $3.99 per member per month. Everyone collaborating on a board is considered a user. We only charge for each user once, even if they are on many boards.  

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Types of members

Board members: A board member is anyone, team member or external user, added to an active Trello board where Hello Epics is enabled. Members who are on multiple boards are only counted once.

Observers: If you are a Trello Business Class customer, you have the option of inviting people to your board as Observers. Observers are free.

Adding or removing board members

Your bill will be prorated for users added to your boards after the start of a billing cycle. For example, let’s say you add a new member to a board ten (10) days into your billing cycle leaving twenty (20) days remaining in the month.

The prorated amount is calculated by dividing the number of days in the month (30), by the cost per user ($5.99), times the number of days remaining (20). You will be charged a prorated amount of $3.99 for this user.

When board members are removed from your account you will receive a credit against your next bill for their unused time.

Credit card charges

Monthly subscription: You will be billed for your first month when your free trial ends. Charges will recur on that date and include any prorated credits or costs for added users.

Annual subscription: You will be billed for the year when your free trial ends. Any additional charges or credits you accrue will be assessed on the first of the month.

In either plan, if you generate more than $500 of additional charges you will be invoiced immediately.

How inactive and closed boards affect your bill

We want your Hello Epics subscription cost to reflect your actual usage. We will not charge you for members on a board that is closed, or hasn’t had any Trello activity in 30 days. If a board is closed or becomes inactive and reduces your user count, we will credit your account for their unused time. If your last board becomes inactive you will be charged for a single member minimum.

Managing your account

We provide tools for you to view and manage which boards you are paying for and how many users each is contributing to your total. You can access Account Management through the Hello Epics menu on your Trello board or via this link.

Cancelling your account

You can find cancellation information here.

If you have any questions, or would like to upgrade from an older plan, please write to support.

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